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ERCOde is the electronic "identity card" that allows identifying Erco fixtures, obtaining all the information about proper use, maintenance, performance and much more.

I Phone

Thanks to the two-dimensional QR code technology, more data can be stored than a normal barcode. To read a QR code a mobile phone with a camera is all that is needed, with software downloadable from the web. By framing the QR code, you can access the web pages that contain the information. For example, to verify data on the thermal insulation of an Erco window, it is no longer necessary to search the technical data sheet, just photograph the QR code with your mobile phone to get all the information, from performance to maintenance operations, besides precautions to use the window at best. It is also possible to request spare parts in real time. Not only that: with ERCOde technology, you can inform the company on the testing of a newly fitted window, simply by photographing the QR code and accessing the dedicated web site area.

By taking a photo of the code or by typing the serial number in the reserved area of the Erco site, you can:

  • ACCESS over time the technical characteristics of the individual fixtures;
  • OBTAIN building and maintenance data;
  • VERIFY the correspondence between ordered, delivered and installed;
  • ORDER accessories for any replacements (glasses, handles, etc.) without surveys to trace data relating to individual fixtures;
  • FIND the guarantees of profiles, glasses, frames, hardware and information on their functionality (thermal transmittance, etc.);
  • REQUEST the intervention of specialised personnel or a maintenance kit.

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